My Hero Academia: The Main Characters, Ranked From Worst To Best By Character Arc

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My Hero Academia is one of the biggest and most popular ongoing shonen anime right now, and anyone who's seen the show can attest to why this is the case. The series is packed to the brim with brilliant animation, an excellent story, and some of the most memorable characters ever shown in an anime.

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The main characters are definite standouts in this regard, featuring some truly amazing personalities who have come into their own as some truly multi-faceted and likable characters that fans are bound to get attached to due to their strong characterization.

The character arcs of these people play a major role in humanizing them in the eyes of the viewers. That being said, there are some main characters who have more well-written and engaging character arcs, and this list will take a look at each of these characters in descending order of just how compelling their arcs really were.

10 Ochaco Uraraka

As a character who was initially conceived to serve as nothing more than Midoriya's love interest, it's still nevertheless refreshing to see the struggles that Uraraka faces on her own and the manner in which she accomplishes her goals.

That being said, the fact that her motivations are directly tied to that of the main character certainly takes her down a notch in terms of a self-contained character arc.

9 Keigo Takami

The audience's first introduction to Hawks wasn't a great one, with the No. 2 Hero being quite rude to Endeavor's face in the eyes of the public and giving a half-baked apology later on when confronted by the fiery hero.

However, as the series progresses, Hawks shows more of a human side that can be quite easy to empathize with. The fact that he acknowledged his own shortcomings yet never uses them as an excuse to be laid-back in his heroic actions is a testament to just how deep and misunderstood a character he really is.

8 Tomura Shigaraki

The villain of My Hero Academia might not have the most original motivations around for being evil, but the sheer compelling nature of this character and his behavior makes him one of the best parts of the show.

While his character arc might not be all that revolutionary, it fulfills all the bare essentials needed for a supervillain with somewhat understandable intentions.

7 Shota Aizawa

Eraser Head is easily one of the cooler heroes on the show, which makes him a perfect fit to be the head instructor of U.A.'s most promising batch of first-year students.

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While fans of the anime might think that his character arc is pretty basic in comparison to some of the other people preceding him on this list, people who are up-to-date with everything on the manga understand why this man has shot up in terms of having a compelling character arc.

The fact that one of his closest friends was turned into a Nomu is a fact that would understandably be quite traumatizing for many people, but it's the manner in which Aizawa powers through this saddening turn of events that escalates him as a character in the eyes of readers.

6 Toshinori Yagi

All Might is easily one of the most likable and admirable characters on the entire show, with his sense of resolve and fortitude being one of the key reasons why he's such a beloved character.

While it's true that his character had already been established well beforehand and didn't really need to be elaborated upon a ton, it's still nice to see him get his moments during the show.

5 Izuku Midoriya

The protagonist of My Hero Academia might suffer from the same problem plaguing most shonen leads, but there's no denying the fact that he's still a stand-up guy considering all the limitations he's wrought with.

Midoriya is more than serviceable as the protagonist of one of the biggest shows around — it's just that other characters have more freedom to have their characters explored and changed as the story progresses.

4 Mirio Togata

At a glance, Mirio might seem like nothing more than another hero with a personality similar to Midoriya's. However, with Mirio, Kohei Horikoshi is now trying to answer a question that has plagued most people's minds — what if a hero tried to protect everyone... but failed?

This is exactly what happened to Mirio during the fight with Endeavor, when he was shot by a bullet that ended up taking his Quirk away and rendered him useless from that point onwards. How Mirio will deal with the fact that he's basically useless when it comes to helping people out is something that fans can't wait to get the answer to.

3 Katsuki Bakugo

For the longest time, Bakugo had pretty much grabbed the position of being the worst human being on the planet, with his treatment of Midoriya being nothing short of despicable.

However, as the series progressed, Bakugo — just like most of the characters on the show — turned out to be more than just another trope. The guilt he faced with the idea that All Might lost all his powers because of him and the growing inferiority complex he was forced to address after Midoriya started to become more powerful all ended up culminating in a fight with his frenemy that is considered by many to be one of the best fights on the show.

2 Enji Todoroki

Endeavor was another character who seemed like nothing more than another run-of-the-mill hothead... before the limelight put upon him after being the Number 1 Hero ended up forcing him to address his demons and take over responsibilities that he had avoided for the longest time.

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His amazing fight with the Nomu at the end of Season 4 is a testament to his growth as a character and the lengths he was finally going to go to justify the fact that he could finally be out of All Might's shadow once and for all.

1 Shoto Todoroki

If Endeavor was a compelling character, then his son is even more so. A troubled childhood turned the once-chirpy Todoroki into a cold, emotionless child who just wanted to get stronger on his own terms... before Midoriya finally made him see the light during their battle at the U.A. Sports Festival.

Following this revelation, Todoroki ended up developing immensely as a character, with his familiar relations — while still strained — taking a turn for the better.

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